fbpx STEP’s High-Flyers Notched Top Positions in MDCAT ‘17 STEP’s High-Flyers Notched Top Positions in MDCAT ‘17 – STEP By PGC
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STEP’s High-Flyers Notched Top Positions in MDCAT ‘17

From the past few years, MDCAT (previously known as MCAT) has been an essential admission test for students to get enrolled in Medical and Dental Colleges/Universities due to which University of Health Science (UHS) has affirmed it as a standard test. In recent years it has been observed that high scorers in Intermediate exams have not been able to perform well in MDCAT test because such tests demand tactical and strategic skills to attempt the time-bound questions.

MDCAT Test was conducted this year in September 2017, but unfortunately, evidences of exam paper being leaked before test forced UHS and Government to take notable action. Later MDCAT Test was re-conducted under the outright supervision of UHS and the Government.

(MDCAT) Medical & Dental Colleges Admission Test (Re-Conduct) took place on October 29 and its official result was announced on November 8, 2017. More than 48,500 candidates reappeared in MDCAT test that was re-conducted whereas, in the initial test, the number of students was approximately 65,150. According to official result revealed by University of Health Sciences (UHS), STEP’s high-flyer ‘Farah Saeed’ clinched 1st position among girls and 2nd position overall by scoring 1070/1100 in MDCAT Result ‘17.  Whereas, 3rd position was secured by an outstanding STEP student ‘Sana Iqbal’, who obtained 1064/100 in her MDCAT Result ‘17.

From the very first year of its inception, STEP is producing exceptional results and is able to capture prodigious presence among top entry test preparation institutions of Pakistan. STEP surprised everyone with their remarkable result on achieving 29 Top positions in MDCAT (Re-Conduct) Result ‘17. This is an ideal accomplishment for STEP, its students and Punjab Group of Colleges as well.

Following the guidelines of Punjab Group of Colleges, STEP aims to make education accessible for its youth across the nation by offering both merit-based and need-based scholarships. They also intend to provide financial assistance to its goal oriented students and therefore, has announced “Achievers Scholarship ‘17”. Students registered in STEP programs will be able to avail this ‘Achievers Scholarship ‘17’ which would facilitate 25 Top scorers of MDCAT (Medical & Dental Colleges Admission Test) with sponsored education for up to 5 years.

STEP functioning under umbrella of Punjab Group of Colleges has been performing exceptionally in their very 1st year of its inception. our program maintains the legacy of producing high flyers in various fields of education. High achievers in MDCAT and ECAT exams are major illustrations of sheer dedication of our entry test experts and remarkable teaching methodology of STEP. If you are passionate enough to fulfill your dream of becoming a Doctor or an Engineer, sign up for STEP. Don’t jeopardize your dreams and give those wings to fly as much as they could.