Whiz Scholarship Test for 9th Class 

Article: Whiz Scholarship Test for 9th Class 

STEP Prep brings an opportunity for the students of class 9th in Pakistan, to ace exam preparation with STEP evening coaching for 9th. With this comprehensive course, our students could prepare all subjects through various patterns. This blog post explores all the learning facilities of the 9th session at STEP evening coaching. In addition, our students can earn scholarships for the next four (4) years through Whiz Scholarship tests. The Whiz Scholarship test for the 9th class is around the corner.  

Appear at Whiz Scholarship Test for 9th Class 

Whiz Scholarship Tests are scheduled for classes of 9th, 10, and 1st-year students to study for free at STEP evening coaching classes. The Whiz scholarship tests will enable the top 1500 students to study free at this comprehensive evening coaching session.  

To be noted, the Whiz Scholarship Test for 9th is scheduled on 24th March 2024.   

Benefits Students Would Gain 

Let’s discuss the advantages of appearing in the Whiz Scholarship Test for 9th.  If you appear, mark your position as a high scorer on merit. You can get an opportunity to get free education from STEP evening coaching for the next classes, of 10th, 1st year, and 2nd year. However, it is necessary to maintain your merit throughout these years.  

You can read more about the Whiz Scholarship on the website.  

9th Class Learning at STEP Evening Coaching 

Now, we will look at the scheme of studies for 9th at STEP evening coaching.  

Our students will get a chance to learn in detail through lectures, tests, and various revisions. For instance, lectures are available for all subjects individually with a count of 170 lectures per subject in the 9th class.  

Similarly, tests are equally on schedule for every subject of the 9th curriculum. The students will get repeated tests around 25 times per subject for all subjects.  

In the same way, STEP evening coaching, the 9th session will provide practice protocols through revisions. We have a plan to subject-wise tests which are further divided into chapter-wise, half-book (term tests), and full-book tests for our enrollees.  

STEP Evening Coaching comes with various benefits and learning aids. These benefits also include AI & personalised learning modules with 24/7 mentorship facilities. More details about 9th can be explored on the website.  

Whiz Scholarship TESTs at STEP evening coaching

9th Class Lectures Distribution 

STEP evening coaching will provide a comprehensive learning opportunity for 9th students. We have a plan to conduct 170 lectures for all subjects of the 9th curriculum.  

Test Distribution for Subjects 

Without tests, no student will get ample practice for any subject. Moreover, tests help students to overcome exam fear. As 9th class is a major board class and a part one of a two-year matriculation. Hence, the need of a grip on the subject, course content, and confidence multiplies.  

STEP prep has 25 tests per subject on schedule for 9th students. These tests will help in the learning and development of course content to an extent.  

Revision & Tests Sessions for 9th  

Furthermore, revisions and test sessions are compulsory for 9th-grade exam preparation. Repetition and continuous tests clear out the concepts, content details, and sheer understanding if in-depth course content in students’ minds, which is ultimately helpful during boards and in practical life, as a lifelong companion.  

About STEP Evening Coaching 

STEP evening coaching is an initiative by STEP Prep for students in matriculation and intermediate classes in Pakistan. Integration of artificial intelligence (AI), personalised performance analytics and a unique synchronised learning pattern between on-campus and LMS are some of the features.  

Apply for the Whiz Scholarship Test Class 9th  

Now, to remind you not to miss out on a massive opportunity to get free education for the next four (4) educational years at STEP evening coaching. The Whiz Scholarship Test is about to be held in designated STEP Prep campuses.  

Apply through an online portal and visit your nearest STEP Prep Campus. The date of the Whiz Scholarship Test for 9th is 24th March 2024.  You can check the curriculum for tests.  


The Whiz Scholarship Test for the ninth (9th) is scheduled. It can lead the students of the 9th class to free education for the proceeding four academic years.9th, 10, 11th, and 12th.  STEP evening coaching is available for students who want to ace their educational adventures.