Get Free Education for Class 10 and Onwards  

Article: Get Free Education for Class 10 and Onwards  

Hey, matric students! STEP Prep brings a wholesome opportunity for your educational success. You can study for free at STEP Evening coaching for class 10, 1st year, and 2nd year. Sounds interesting? details are an integral part of this article. Hence, don’t miss a chance to get free education for class 10 onwards for three (3) years.  Let’s start.  

Join the 10th Session for Sucess in Matric at STEP Prep 

Class 10th and intermediate are the defining classes for students. Therefore, many of the students opt for extra sessions or help materials. However, the quality of education must not be overlooked while talking about evening coaching.  

Keeping this in view, STEP prep- the largest entry test preparation network in Pakistan bangs on with the most unique and first-of-its-kind educational experience in the name of evening coaching.  

With this, evening coaching is necessary so that students of class 10 can complete, prepare, revise, test, and ace their matric curriculum.  

Do a Focused Study Through Performance Analytics  

The 10th-class students would be able to focus on the course curriculum completely. This is because the STEP evening coaching comes with the integration of artificial intelligence and performance analytics.  

These analytics will show areas where students are doing great and where there is still room for improvement. Hence, students would be able to input the efforts, where required the most.  After all, the STEP evening coaching is powered by ARVO.  

Free Education for class 10, 11, 12 at STEP Prep with STEP Evening coaching

Enjoy Day-Wise Study Plan for Regular Learning 

With focused study, there is an opportunity to get free education for class 10 and onwards. Don’t miss this piece of writing; we have written and explained all, you want to know Anyways, students will get day-to-day study plans working through classes and a learning management system (LMS).  

Through this, students will focus on one lesson throughout the day. Hence, the quality of learning enhances duly at STEP evening coaching.  

Get Connected Through Virtual Support to Your Mentors 24/7 

Furthermore, students will go through their study plan for matric exams on the app and portal, and if they get confused at any point, they can get instant help and guidance from mentors. These mentors are available 24/7 at STEP evening coaching.  

Shape Your Academic Future for Your Preferred College 

With all these factors, students will be very close and confident about the chances to secure admission to their preferred colleges in regular education sessions. However, the opportunity to get free education for class 10 and onwards does not end here. The tests, revisions, and repetition sessions are next on the read.  

Explore Revisions & Test Sessions 

STEP evening coaching is a comprehensive learning plan for the 10th class. The same applies to all other classes that are a part of the evening coaching initiative. The students would get the following chances and opportunities while they study at STEP evening coaching.  

  • Full Track Revision Of Complete Course. 
  • Chapter Wise Test: 72 
  • Half Book: 18 Tests 
  • Full Book: 12 Tests 
  • Term Exams 
  • Pre-board Exams 

Get Free Education for Class 10, 11, 12 

Now, without testing your patience anymore, let’s discuss the chance to get free education for three (3) years. STEP Prep brings Whiz Scholarships for the top 1500 scorers who will crack the Whiz Scholarship Test for Class 10.  

If students make up to the highest merit, he/she would be able to get free education for class 10, inter part 1 and inter part 2.  However, the merit of educational performance is mandatory to be maintained throughout the years of enrolment.  

Register Online for the Whiz Scholarship Test 

Missing this massive chance would be a foolish thing to do, Hence, apply today and appear in the Whiz Scholarship Test (matric class) which is scheduled to be held on 7th April 2024.  

Another Whiz Scholarship Test is scheduled for the 9th, 10th, and 1st year classes, dated 15th April 2024. Details for the syllabus and test schedule are available for consideration.  

Get yourself registered for the Whiz Scholarship Test.  

Wrapping Up 

Avail the opportunity to get free education for class 10 and onward classes at STEP evening coaching. Apply today for the Whiz Scholarship Test and reach the top 1500 students.