STEP by PGC: The Best Institute for MDCAT Prep 2023

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Article: STEP by PGC: The Best Institute for MDCAT Prep 2023

STEP by PGC: The Best Institute for MDCAT Prep 2023

STEP by PGC is a project by the Punjab Group of Colleges. STEP is all about preparing students for the entrance exams, including MDCAT, ECAT, NUMS, FUNGAT, ETEA, NTS, etc. However, in this article, I will guide you through the reasons why it is the best option for MDCAT preparation in 2023.  

Why Should You Choose STEP by PGC for MDCAT Prep? 

There are so many reasons to choose the STEP by PGC Institute for your MDCAT prep in 2023. I am going to list all the reasons and describe them in detail. Keep reading to find out.  

1. Extensive MDCAT Sessions 

STEP by PGC offers numerous MDCAT sessions to its students. You can choose the session that suits you the best and start your MDCAT preparation. Here are the sessions: 


It is a thorough 90-day long MDCAT session. It is the best session for the repeaters as they do not have to take the intermediate exams.  

b. LMDCAT (with NUMS) 

You will prepare for both the MDCAT and the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) 2023 in this LMDCAT with NUMS session.  

c. MDCAT Crash Program 

The MDCAT crash program is a normal MDCAT session that starts right after the intermediate exams of the students.  

d. MDCAT Super Final 

The MDCAT Super Final session is basically a revision program. It includes full-length papers based on MDCAT patterns.  

e. STEP Super Batch 

This is especially for the repeaters students. We offer STEP Super Batch session is starting from 28th April, 2023. You can join and start preparing for MDCAT 2023 right now.  

f. STEP Comprehensive Crash Program (SCCP) 

The SCCP aims to prepare students for MDCAT by providing them with as many tests and FLPs as possible. You will prepare for both MDCAT and NUMS.  

2. Top-Notch Faculty 

Another reason for choosing STEP by PGC is that you will learn from the best faculty in town. our professors have years of experience in this field. They will teach all the concepts to you in detail. You can also benefit from their guidance anytime you want.  

3. Top Positions Every Year 

STEP by PGC has a history of producing top positions every year. Even in the MDCAT 2022, we secured the top positions. In 2021, we secured 2nd and 3rd positions in the medical entrance exam. In addition, in the year 2020, we were successful in securing the top three positions. So, STEP is the best institute for MDCAT Prep in 2023.  

4. Scholarships 

STEP by PGC offers multiple scholarships and incentives to its students. We aim to facilitate education for every student and want to make the students’ dreams come true. So, when you join us, you can apply for the required scholarship.  

Here is a list of all the incentives we offer: 

  • Inter (Part-1) Based Scholarship 
  • High Achievers Scholarship 
  • On-Camus Session Scholarship 
  • Kinship 
  • Need-Based Scholarship 

5. Crash Tests 

Throughout medical test sessions, you will attempt numerous crash tests. These are chapter-based exams. Furthermore, these assessments include all of the possible questions that could come in the paper. As a consequence, you will be able to completely prepare each chapter. 

6. Unit-Wise Tests 

When several topics are united, they form a unit. The entire MDCAT syllabus is divided up into several parts by PMC. As a result, STEP by PGC also provides the unit-wise test. This will extend your preparation horizon. You will be able to study and prepare for more topics and subjects at once. 

7. Full-Length Papers 

The full-length papers, or FLPs, follow the exact MDCAT pattern. You will be taking these FLPs that cover the complete MDCAT course by the end of the session. These exams have the same question patterns and difficulty level as the entry test standards. 

STEP’s MDCAT test session 2023 presents you with various full-length papers. You can take our MDCAT courses either online or on campus. It all depends upon your convenience. As a result, you will learn to manage your time and attempt the entire paper. 

8. Practice Drills

Before administering the MDCAT, PMC gives students mock and practice papers so that they can gain an understanding of the final entry test. The crash programs contain the practice tests that STEP by PGC has purchased from PMC. As a result, you get an opportunity to practice on exams that the PMC itself offers. 

9. Worksheets 

Worksheets are additional preparation material. Every student who attends STEP receives these at home. These sheets include extra MCQs for each subject’s chapter. So, you can use these worksheets to practice at home during the final days of preparation. As a result, your preparation will enhance, and you will be able to earn high marks on the final paper. 

Join STEP by PGC for MDCAT Prep 2023 

I have described why STEP is the best institute for MDCAT prep. So, do not lose a second and join us to ace your entrance test this year.  our MDCAT session starts on June 5, 2023.  Apply online or visit any PGC or Hadaf campus for registration.