Which Are the Best Books for MDCAT Preparation 2023?

Article: Which Are the Best Books for MDCAT Preparation 2023?


The Medical and Dental College Admission Test, or MDCAT, is almost around the corner. Students start their preparation right after their second-year intermediate examinations. However, where should I prepare from? Which books are the best books for MDCAT preparation? Which institute should I choose?  

These questions pop up in every student’s mind when they are done with their intermediate examination. Don’t worry at all, I have you covered. In this article, I will describe which are the best books for MDCAT preparation and which are the perfect platforms for entry test prep.  

Best Books for MDCAT Preparation in 2023 

Unlike intermediate exams, you cannot pass your MDCAT by cramming the books. However, examiners set the questions from intermediate books. So, the best books for MDCAT preparation are the Punjab Board Textbooks.  

I would suggest you read the textbooks very carefully. In addition, you must not only focus on cramming the lines of the books but also have crystal clear concepts of every subject. You must know what every sentence means in detail. In this way, you will be able to crack the questions and answer them correctly.  

So, you do not need any other books other than Punjab textbooks, as these are the best books for MDCAT preparation. However, you have to choose an institute because you need proper guidance to ace the MDCAT. So, which platform should I go for?  

Which is The Best Institute for MDCAT Preparation in 2023? 

This is a very important decision that you need to make if you want to ace your MDCAT on your first attempt. The institute you chose plays a very important role in your overall preparation and grooming for the MDCAT.  

So, which institute to pick? Which factors do you need to look for in an institute for MDCAT preparation? does that platform ensure that you have the best books for MDCAT preparation? if you want an all-in-one platform then, STEP by PGC is the best institute for MDCAT preparation in 2023.  

Why is STEP by PGC the Best Institute for MDCAT Prep? 

There are so many reasons to choose STEP for your MDCAT prep. If you want to prepare and attempt the paper successfully, then STEP is the best place to be. However, let’s look at the following reasons to choose us in detail.  

1. Extensive MDCAT Sessions 

STEP provides students with extensive MDCAT sessions. You can select and enroll in the session that suits you the best. In addition, every session has a wide range of multiple-choice questions for you to practice. So, you will be well-prepared before the final exam. Here is the list of sessions: 

  • Long MDCAT (LMDCAT) 
  • LMDCAT (with NUMS) 
  • MDCAT Crash Program 
  • MDCAT Super Final 
  • STEP Super Batch 
  • STEP Comprehensive Crash Program (SCCP) 

2. Caters for Both Fresh and Repeater Students 

Another reason for choosing STEP by PGC is that we cater to the needs of both the fresher students and repeater students. That is why, we are offering the STEP Super Batchsession. It starts on April 28. This is an exclusive repeater session. You can take the classes on campus or you can attend the course online.  

However, if you want to apply for the on-campus session, you must visit any PGC campus or Hadaf College campus. Similarly, if you want to be a part of our Virtual session, please apply online by clicking on this link. Fill out the online form, submit the fee, and there you go. 

You will have access to the following: 

  • Prepare from the best books for MDCAT preparation 
  • Tests and Quizzes 
  • Unit-wise Tests 
  • Crash program tests 
  • MDCAT Full-Length Papers 
  • NUMS Full-Length Papers 
  • Recorded and Live Lectures 
  • Live Test Discussions 
  • Worksheets and Practice Drills 

3. Best Books for MDCAT Preparation 

We ensure that our students prepare only the best books for MDCAT preparation. so, we make sure you study and prepare from Punjab Textbooks. By the end of the MDCAT session, you will have a full grasp of the concepts in your textbooks.  

4. Top-Notch Faculty 

We have the best faculty in town to teach you throughout. You will learn from our experienced faculty members, who will guide you about the MDCAT pattern and mechanism. You will learn about different techniques and tips to ace the final paper with flying colours.  

5. Scholarships 

Another reason for choosing STEP by PGC is that we offer multiple scholarships to our students. So, you will have fee concessions, and you can get a high-quality education without spending a lot of money. We offer the following scholarships to our students: 

  1. On-Campus Scholarship 
  2. Inter (Part-1) Based Scholarship 
  3. High Achievers Scholarship 
  4. Need-Based Scholarship 
  5. Kinship 

So, apply for the scholarship that you require and start preparing.  

Join STEP Super Batch 2 Session Now! 

Our STEP Super Batch session is starting on May 15thStep-Blog-3-300x72-1-e1684134447178. You will have access to all the educational material along with the opportunity to prerace from the best books for MDCAT. So, do not waste a second and apply right now.