Achieve the Best Results with Our MDCAT Preparation Programme 

Article: Achieve the Best Results with Our MDCAT Preparation Programme 

STEP is an institute with the most detailed range of entrance test preparation programmes. It includes both medical entrance tests as well as engineering entrance tests. The sessions which are focused on medical and dental college admissions include: 

  1. MCAT/MDCAT for MDCAT preparation this year 
  3. LMDCAT (with NUMS) 
  4. MCAT/MDCAT (Top-Notch Programme) 
  5. Aga Khan University Admission Test 
  6. State Entry Test (for Kashmir residents) 
  7. FMDC (for federal college admissions) 

STEP Top-Notch Programme is the latest one for MDCAT preparation 2023. It will start from 15 July 2023. It is the most detailed and centralised session that allows you to assess your progress. We offer you all the academic resources you may require to ensure your success.  

STEP Top-Notch Course for MDCAT Preparation

The STEP Top-Notch course is developed as per the standards of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). We offer you the most outstanding scheme for MDCAT preparation this year.  

Every year there are some updates made to the syllabus of the entrance test. And it is hard to keep track of all the changes made. But you do not have to do any work as we are here to do this for you. We have designed this session in a way that will provide you with all the material and practice you need to ace your MDCAT 2023.  

  1. The first phase includes 18 unit-wise simulations for every subject. It will include 140 MCQs that you will have to solve in the time of 2 hr and 20 minutes 
  2. The second phase will help you challenge yourself. It has 08 quarter syllabus tests for which you have to solve 140 MCQs for this one in 2 hr and 20 min. Additionally, it includes 04 half-syllabus tests of 200 MCQs with the time allotted of 3 hr 30mins 
  3. The third and last phase is made specifically to help you prepare for the final MDCAT 2023. It will prepare you for both MDCAT and NUMS tests. It has 06 complete syllabus mocks (04 tests for MDCAT of 200 MCQs to be solved in 3 hr 30 min, and 02 tests for NUMS of 250 MCQs that you will solve within 3 hours) 

1. STEP Portal 

Our portal is specifically designed to meet the needs of a student during their MDCAT preparation. You can make yourself avail of the STEP portal anytime. It includes all the helpful material you may need for the prep. 


If you do not want to open our website or portal every time you want to study in between all the stress of MDCAT preparation, you do not have to worry. As we also offer you a more convenient way to use our facilities through your mobile phone. You can download our app and get access to all the study material on your mobile. 

Online Resources Available 

Apart from the tests, we provide you with additional resources to improve your overall MDCAT preparation such as: 

1. Past Papers for MDCAT Preparation 

We also have all the past papers available online. You can open and study any past paper whenever you want. The MCQs from past papers are also included in the tests taken during different phases of our STN session. It will help you evaluate your success in MDCAT 2023. 

2. Online MCQs Bank Available 

When you are doing MDCAT preparation, you must be searching for ways to practice more each day. No need to worry as we have an online MCQs bank of more than 75,000 MCQs. These are available online on our portal and app. The students enrolled on the programme can get free access to practice at any time.  

3. Video Lectures Available 

We provide you with video lectures on all the topics included for MDCAT 2023 for each subject. As a result, you will be able to revise any topic at any time. To access this facility, you must register yourself for our course now! 

4. Career Counselling 

We all know why a student is so eager to excel in MDCAT. It is to secure your admission to the best medical or dental college. But it is not that simple. You must require professional guidance regarding your future.  

There are so many other healthcare fields that you can pursue other than MBBS and BDS. And to prove you with more career choices, we have a Student Advisory and Counselling Department (SACD)

So, you do not have to stress about anything when we are here to help you in your MDCAT preparation along with the opportunity of getting career counselling from our highly experienced guidance counsellors.  

Which Career You Can Pursue After MDCAT? 

After scoring your best result, you may choose from the following fields of study: 

  • a. MBBS 
  • b. BDS 
  • c. Pharm-D 
  • d. DPT 
  • e. Bachelors in any Allied Health Sciences  

That is why, you must put your best efforts in MDCAT preparation. For that, you can join our STN Session 2023 now! 

How to Apply to STN for MDCAT Preparation? 

You can apply to our STN test session online or by visiting your nearby PGC campus. For online admissions, you can apply via our link available on the STEP website

Join us to start your journey towards your bright future now! Learn more. 

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