Excel MDCAT 2023 with STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme

Article: Excel MDCAT 2023 with STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme

Do you want to achieve your goal of pursuing your professional life in the medical world? Do you aim to ace the MDCAT 2023?  Then, hurry and sign up for our STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme for the best experience.  

STEP is always there to help you get admission to your targeted medical colleges and universities. This year,STEP has made more modifications to its courses for you. Our SCCP 2023 starts on 4 July 2023 to help you get the most comprehensive experience for your preparation phase for the entry test. 

Why Should You Choose STEP for MDCAT 2023? 

There are so many reasons to choose STEP by PGC for your MDCAT preparation. However, I am going to list the top reasons for you. 


1. The Vast Network of Centres All Over Pakistan  

STEP provides a vast range of centres for every student. That means, whether you are from Punjab or not, you can take advantage of the opportunity and enrol yourself at STEP for MDCAT prep.  

In addition, we offer both online and on-campus sessions. So, it is up to you whether you want to join us on-site or want to prepare at home by taking the virtual session.   

2. High Achievers in MDCAT 

A lot of students get positions in entry tests every year after preparing for MDCAT with us. And they get admission to the top-ranking medical universities. So, you can be one of those students this year.  

3. Workshops 

STEP offers quality knowledge as well as workshops as required. These workshops will provide you with tips to ace MDCAT and boost your morale. In addition, they will also speed up your learning process.  

Why is SCCP Best for YourMDCAT 2023 Preparation? 

Many institutes offer MDCAT preparatory sessions but do not cover all the grounds for the preparation phase as best as our Comprehensive Crash Programme. Once enrolled, you will grasp more in-depth knowledge of the updated policies of MDCAT for this year. 

You can enhance your preparation by going through the topics over and over. With our SCCP, you will be able to cover the entire MDCAT syllabus at least three times.  

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1. Outstanding Faculty 

Our faculty members are highly qualified and experienced in their respective subjects. They are the same teachers who have taught the position holders of MDCAT in previous years. So, you will benefit from their experience by studying at STEP

2. Guidance Counselling 

We have a Student Advisory and Counselling Department (SACD), and every student has access to it. So, you can consult the SACD professional either for career path choices or for stress management any time you need. 

3. The Session for MDCAT 2023 Preparation 

STEP by PGC offers a 60-day (about 2 months) long session with 60 tests on each subject for entry test preparation. You will attempt a wide range of unit-wise, additional tests, and full-length papers in this long session. Each test will help you excel in the entry test this year. 

4. Tests During the Session 

STEP gives extensive coverage of the syllabus and trains your mind with continuous practice. 

The test session is divided into unit-wise tests and additional tests. And then comes the full-length papers that help mimic the exam hall environment. 

  • The unit-wise tests based on MDCAT 2023 syllabus are 36 for each subject. 
  • There are also 18 additional tests available for each subject. 
  • 6 Full-length papers will help you practise and polish your paper-solving skills.  

5. Self-Evaluation 

By attempting hundreds of tests and attending test discussions, you will be able to self-evaluate your overall MDCAT preparation.  

6. MDCAT-Pattern Assessments 

SCCP offers a chance to you to get an idea of the actual MDCAT 2023 exam through its Full-length Papers. Firstly, it will help you in building your confidence. Secondly, it will give you an idea of how the questions are set in the actual medical entrance exam. Also, you will learn time management to attempt the full paper. 

7. Test Discussions  

STEP offers detailed and extensive test discussions in both virtual and on-campus sessions. These discussions will improve your concepts and help you attempt the right answer in the final exam. 

8. E-Library 

STEP has E-libraries available for its students. You can open the e-library at any time as it is available 24/7.  

9. You Can Avail Yourself of Multiple Scholarships 

There are scholarships available for need-based students as well as for high achievers. You can visit our website or you can visit your nearby campus for details. 

Fee Structure 

SCCP provides quality education at an affordable fee. It is up to you to choose either on-campus sessions or online sessions. The following is the fee structure: 

  • 19550 PKR/- is charged for online sessions. 
  • 39100 PKR/- is charged for the on-campus session. 

Join Us Now to get your learning process started! 

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