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Medical Entrance Exam 2018


To secure admission in a medical college or enter the field of medicine or dentistry it is essential to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) / Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT). It is a conceptual test that evaluates the logical understanding of the applicant. The candidate must have sound knowledge of the subjects and must be well prepared; cramming will not be of any use to the candidates due to the conceptual pattern of the test. The candidates will be tested for their ability to analytically view a problem and answer with a concept-based solution. Medical entrance exam is a vital examination for admission in the medical colleges all over Pakistan since it necessitates scientific knowledge and reflects the methodical understanding of the candidate.

The marks of medical entrance exam 2018 covers a major percentage of the requisite marks for the candidates to enroll into a medical or dental college. This is the reason that the students take MCAT/MDCAT preparatory classes every year. This test consists of MCQs from four subjects Biology, Physics, Chemistry and EngliMedical Entrance Exam 2018sh.

MCAT is now known as MDCAT. It is necessary that students are aware of this change. Any misconception or confusion can lead to disorientation and resultantly may become a reason of disappointment.

How Educational Institutes help?

Students who are keen on taking up the field of medicine must realize that medical admission test is not a simple written examination, rather an assessment of conceptual perceptive and methodical expertise. Rote learning may not be very helpful on gaining scores and securing admission in medical college.

Most of the students when overhear about the complexity of this exam, fear the coming obstacles and plan not to appear in the test. In Pakistan Punjab Group of Colleges is known to provide applicants with the best entry test preparation classes. Also, it holds the reputation of upholding outstanding results and educational superiority.

The students are taught strategically to help them achieve their goal and secure a result that would ensure their admission in medical college. The test pattern is studied and the preparation is aggressive so that the candidates stay focused on learning and logically preparing every aspect of their courses.

In this regard, The Punjab Group of Colleges has the best faculty who recognizes the need of the students to study with determination and prepare in a systematic order. Our teachers assist the students at every stage to grasp the subjects and unfailingly take the pain to keep up with their hard-work.

Who can apply for MDCAT?

It is important that the applicant has cleared the (HSSC) Intermediate Board examination in Pre-Medical Science Group with at least 60% marks.

Students who have qualification equivalent to FSC Pre-Medical is also eligible for the medical admission test. GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level are considered equivalent to Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC/Intermediate), provided the subjects are according to the Pre-Medical Group. 8 – 5 ‘O’ level subjects such as English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and three ‘A’ level  subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

What is the Age requirement?

There has been no fixed age limit for the medical entry exam. Anyone one who wants to appear in the exam can prepare and take the test.

What is the Test Pattern?

MDCAT comprises of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. The number of questions from each subject in the exam varies. The exam is in MCQs format comprising of 220 questions. The subject wise distribution is as follows:

  • Biology 88 MCQs
  • Chemistry 58 MCQs
  • Physics 44 MCQs
  • English 30 MCQs

Total MCQs = 220
Time allotted = 2 hours 30 minutes

For every correct answer 5 marks are secured. The test comprises of negative marking for incorrect answers, so for every wrong answer 1 mark is deducted. However if a question is left there would be no mark deducted. There would be no grace marks allowed in the medical admission test.

None of the candidates are considered pass or fail, only the total marks obtained are announced.

The applicants must remember that the admission seekers must stay focused and be very dedicated towards preparation and test, since there are limited number of seats available.

What is the distribution of marks over MDCAT, FSc and Matriculation?

Cumulative merit list is prepared on the basis of MDCAT score, FSc marks and Matriculation marks. The breakdown is as follows:

  • MDCAT score: 50% of the total merit
  • FSc marks: 40% of the total merit
  • Matriculation marks: 10% of the total merit

Which books to consult for the entry test preparation for medical?

100% source of course for MDCAT is text book. Students often feel pressurized to consult key books and other help books that only confuses them. It is important to stick to the course books and conduct a thorough study keeping in mind that the exam is conceptual and rote methodology will not help gain any marks.

Do use the past papers as your assessment tool, but NOT to memorize. Make sure to follow the trend of the MCQs that past papers set.

Note: – You should be target oriented. Set your own plan of study and your personal target and follow it strictly.

Keep assessing and improving your skills. Work on your weaker areas and excel.

You should start preparing from the 11th grade.

When does the admission start?

In every province the admission schedule is different, but mostly it starts in June or July and ends in November.

When to decide for the Medical field?

Generally in our culture it has been observed that students opt for the medical field under the pressure of parents which may be opposite to the student’s personal preference. Parents must check the aptitude of their child and decide for his/her future after 8th class.

Role of PGC in Medical Entry Test

Punjab Group of Colleges play a vital role in the preparation of the students for the medical entry test examination. It has teachers that are interactive with the students and are ready to guide at all steps. PGC keeps its students up-to-date with the admission and test dates. Moreover PGC has its own mobile app which is available with the students all the time so the students can readily access MCQs and past papers. In this way, none of the students are left behind rather move on systematically.