Prepare MDCAT Exam with Our Comprehensive Crash Course

Article: Prepare MDCAT Exam with Our Comprehensive Crash Course

MDCAT Exam is one of the most important entrance test exams in Pakistan. All of you must have already registered for MDCAT 2023 as your registration has already closed. Now, your first step is done. For the next step, you must put in all your efforts as this test will decide if you will get admission to the medical college of your choice.

SCCP for MDCAT Exam 2023 

You must be asking yourself a question, if you already have a plan for your prep or why should you join a course at STEP? The answer is simple, we all spend money on the things that can benefit our future. For example, we buy property or other assets because their value is visible.  

A good education can be the biggest asset for your future. MDCAT Exam is the biggest decision-maker for your career as a healthcare professional. Preparing the best for it should be your biggest goal. SCCP offers you a chance to be persistent in your study.  

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Continuous tests, syllabus coverage, evaluations and discussions are the biggest tools that can assure you of your success. 

1. Real-Time Concept Delivery 

Our teachers have been teaching MDCAT students for years. That is why they teach according to the format of MDCAT and the rules and regulations of PMDC. You will clarify your concepts in real time with the best possible approaches.  

The faculty that will teach you at SCCP is the same faculty that has taught the previous year’s position holders. So, you can take advantage of their expertise and be one of the toppers this year. 

2. Stress-free Preparation  

Have you tried your best and still do not feel confident? Do you want to know the best and fastest way to increase your knowledge and test your capabilities? No need to look anywhere else, as I am here to tell you about the most comprehensive crash programme for you. 

The stress of the future is always overwhelming, but we are here to help you get your learning done without wasting time on stressing over how to prepare. After completing this entry test session at STEP, your confidence level will be elevated as you will be more prepared and more confident. 

3. Extensive Coverage 

The total number of tests conducted during the session of our crash course is 60. Just imagine what this huge number of tests can add to your prep plan. The more you practice, the better grip you will have on the concepts.  

The syllabus coverage at SCCP is extraordinary. That is why we assure you of scoring extraordinary result in the MDCAT Exam 2023. 

4. Variety Of Tests Offered at SCCP 2023 

If you are the type of student who gets more work done in a competitive environment, this course is for you. Because not only will you compete with others, but also different varieties of tests will help you compare your progress before taking our SCCP 2023 and after it.  

As a result, you can easily see your slope going upward with each passing test. 

a) Unit-Wise Tests 

In 60 days (about 2 months), you will have the opportunity of taking 36 tests unit-wise for each subject. The unit-wise test will help you assess your progress per topic. Each test will let you master vital topics of the MDCAT exam Syllabus. 

b) Additional Tests 

We do not include only the primary number of tests, but also, we allow you to learn more. You will attempt 18 additional tests on each subject during the session. This will help you acquire the best way to solve the final entry test. 

c) Full-Length Papers 

You will solve 6 FLPs, too. This will aid you to get the idea to manage your pre-exam anxiety or stress. After experiencing the papers based on the MDCAT format not once but six times during the course, you will get the best pace to achieve your goal. 

5. Discussions After the Tests 

After every test, you will get the chance to participate in a discussion. Live discussions are held for on-campus students. It is also presented online in recorded form as well for virtual classes. Through the discussion sessions, you can learn about your mistakes and work on your weak areas to achieve better results in MDCAT 2023.  

The discussion will also help you mark most of the answers correct in the MDCAT exam.  

6. Additional Educational Materials Available 

When you are making a plan for studying a topic, what do you need? We have it all whether you want workshops, drills, past papers and e-libraries. So, there are a variety of other educational materials that can be helpful during your MDCAT Exam preparation.  

Moreover, you can join SCCP at an affordable fee as well. 

7. Scholarships 

If you are a student with outstanding marks and want to pursue your preparation with STEP. We always help hardworking students to keep working towards a bright future. 

We can help you get registered with the benefit of a scholarship. You can apply on our website for, a scholarship or visit your nearby Punjab College Campus. 

When SCCP 2023 Will Start? 

The STEP Comprehensive Crash classes will start on 15 July 2023.

Join our SCCP 2023 for the best results. Apply now to get registered. 

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