The Best Entry Test Preparatory Institute in Punjab

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Article: The Best Entry Test Preparatory Institute in Punjab

The Best Entry Test Preparatory Institute in Punjab

Entry test is a test of specific skills and abilities of students, under pressure. In Pakistan, it is a common practice of medical colleges and other universities to conduct these entrance exams. A few of these admission tests, such as MDCAT, ECAT, etc., are held at the central level, while some others are institute-specific. However, if you want to get yourself enrolled in your desired university, you must clear these entry tests.  

How can you ace these tests? Where should you prepare for entrance exams to be fully prepared and score amazing marks? Should you study at home or join an institute? We have the answer to all these questions in your head.  

STEP Prep for Entry Test Preparation 

The Punjab Group took the initiative to help students prepare for these tough entrance exams. STEP by PGC is the largest entry test preparation network in Pakistan. We offer different courses for various entrance exams, including medical and dental college admission tests, engineering tests, etc.  

Why Should You Choose STEP Prep? 

You must be wondering why you should opt for STEP as there are numerous organizations in Punjab offering entry test preparation courses. Well, it’s not only the fact that we offer the best admission exam preparation in town, but it’s also the wide range of educational facilities that we offer to our students. 

However, the following are the reasons to choose STEP by PGC for your entrance exam preparation.  

  • Top Positions Every Year 
  • Outstanding Faculty 
  • Exceptional MCQ Bank 
  • Effective Teaching Methodology 
  • Video Lectures  
  • E-Learning App 
  • Round-the-Clock Access to E-libraries 
  • Student Advisory and Counselling Department 

Top Positions Every Year 

The numbers speak for themselves. You can only tell if the institute you have joined to prepare for the required entry test is the best or not by the results it has produced over the years. And STEP by PGC has a proven track record of scoring the top positions for the past five years.  

Our students stood in the first three top positions in the MDCAT in 2019 and 2020. Likewise, we secured 2nd and 3rd positions in the MDCAT 2021. Thus, we have a history of excellence in producing outstanding results, which makes us the best institute for entry test preparation in Punjab.  

Highly Experienced Faculty 

We aim to provide you with proper guidance and train you well enough so that you can ace your exam. To make that happen, we have a faculty of highly qualified professionals. Our teachers and professors are experienced and have been helping students clear their entry tests for years. They are fully dedicated and have designed tests and practice exams per the admission test guidelines.  

This will help you practice a lot before the final paper. Furthermore, they leave no stone unturned in making your concepts crystal clear, as entry tests are not about cramming but conceptual knowledge. So, by joining STEP, you will be studying under the supervision of an expert team of teachers.  

Exceptional MCQ Bank 

As entry tests are objective-type and consist of MCQs. You must learn to choose the right answer by using your knowledge and logic to score maximum marks. However, you need a lot of practice for that.  

STEP by PGC has an extensive MCQ bank. It contains over 70,000 MCQs that you will be attempting throughout your entry test session. As a result, you will be trained to attempt the final paper from the start, and it will lead you to perform well.  

Effective Teaching Methodology (ETM) 

To help you fulfill your dreams, we aim to prepare you so that you can crack entrance exams on your first attempt. That is why STEP uses a standardized teaching methodology. Our teaching technique includes an intricately designed scheme of study (SOS).  

From day one to the last day of your session, you will be guided properly. We have devised a timetable for each entry test and it will be followed throughout the course. From what you will be studying on which day to which test you will be attempting on which date, everything is carefully carried out so that you can get admission to your desired institute.  

Video Lectures  

Do you want to stay home and prepare for the entrance exam from the comfort of your home? STEP has a solution for you. STEP offers both virtual and on-site sessions. Thus, you will have access to extensively prepared video lectures for each subject.  

You can utilize these video resources to prepare and revise at home. All you have to do is register yourself at STEP and get 24/7 access to these video lectures.  

E-Learning App 

STEP has taken the initiative to provide you with an e-learning facility to make every resource available to you with a single click. We have a mobile app named “STEP by PGC.” You can install the app on your phone and start preparing. 

The app contains an MCQ bank of 70,000 plus MCQs, so you can practice for MCQs whenever you want. In addition, the app has a user-friendly interface with every feature easily spotted. You will have access to video lectures, worksheets, practice exams, and test discussions. In addition, you can track your test progress on the STEP app, which helps you work on your weak areas.  

Round-the-Clock Access to E-Libraries 

To facilitate our students and provide them with every resource, we have e-libraries on our campuses. Thus, if you need a reference book or want a textbook to refine your preparation, you can go to one of our e-libraries anytime you want.  

As a result, you do not need to put effort into visiting different libraries separately as you will get all the information you need through our electronic libraries.  

Student Advisory and Counselling Department (SACD) 

The career counselling department of STEP offers students advisory services and workshops on how to cope with entry test stress and how to clear the test. In addition, the following are the objectives of SACD: 

  • Services for career guidance. 
  • Informing students about possibilities for careers that are specifically suited to each student’s potential. 
  • Mentoring students 
  • Closely monitoring the student’s problems and difficulties. 
  • Paying special attention to students that are underperforming. 
  • Results evaluation and analysis, as well as policy suggestions. 
  • Conducting Entry Test Seminars 
  • Keeping a close eye on changing academic trends. 
  • Assisting teachers in evaluating students’ counselling needs 
  • Assisting on-campus information officers with all employment opportunities. 
  • Conducting professional training for all staff. 


STEP offers merit-based and need-based scholarships to students. So, if you are a high achiever, we believe in rewarding you. Similarly, if you cannot afford to pay for an entry test session, you can apply for the need-based scholarships of STEP.  

Similarly, we also provide students with Kinship scholarships and Punjab College scholarships. For more information, visit this link:  

Entry Test Sessions  

STEP covers every kind of entrance exam and provides the best services to help you prepare for the exam and ace it on the first attempt. The following are the entry test sessions that we offer: 


The Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) is a computer-based test to get yourself enrolled in one of the public or private medical and dental colleges. The Pakistan Medical Commission is responsible for conducting this test. 

At STEP, you will be prepared through the following resources throughout your MDCAT session: 

  • On-Site Lectures 
  • Recorded Video Lectures for Virtual Sessions 
  • Practice Drills bought from PMC  
  • Worksheets to provide you with additional preparatory material 
  • Crash Tests or Topic-Wise Tests 
  • Unit-wise tests 
  • Full-length Papers of FLPs 
  • Super Finals 
  • On-portal and on-campus test discussions 

STEP offers the best MDCAT preparation crash program. Let’s look into the details: 

1. Long MDCAT (LMDCAT):This curriculum utilizes all of the time available during your second year and thereafter until the MCAT is conducted. 

2. LMDCAT with NUMS:This class prepares you for the PMC and NUMs admission exams. 

3. MDCAT Crash Program:The crash program begins after you finish your second-year exams and continues until you attempt the MCAT. 

4. MDCAT Super Final:This is a revision program that will put your preparation to the test before you take the final exam.  

5. STEP Super Batch: extended 90-day sessions for repeaters. Both the MCAT and NUMS will be covered throughout your preparation. 

6. STEP Comprehensive Crash Program (SCCP):It intends to perfect your preparation by offering you as many MCQs and FLPs as possible. This course will prepare you for both the MCAT and the NUMS. 

MDCAT 2022 

MDCAT 2022 is being held in November and our crash program is restarting on October 5. The session is happening both on campus and online. You can join this crash program and get access to: 

  • 18 recorded video lectures 
  • 18 Unit-wise Tests 
  • 4 FLPs 
  • Test Discussions 


The Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT) is a compulsory test that students need to take to get admission to engineering colleges. You will be learning with our experienced faculty and will have access to: 

  • Cumulative Tests 
  • Crash Tests 
  • FLPs 
  • Test Discussions 

STEP offers the following ECAT preparatory programs: 

  1. Long ECAT (LECAT): Making the most of the time that students have available to them following their second-year final examinations and before the UET admission test (ECAT). 
  2. ECAT Crash Program: The program starts after FSC exams and prepares the students to the fullest to ace the ECAT.  


STEP offers exceptional preparation courses for The National Aptitude Test (NAT). Candidates may take a single exam to apply to all universities that accept the NTS Exam.  


If you want to get admission to NUST, STEP offers the best preparatory course for the NUST Entry Test (NET). 


STEP provides the FUNGAT program, which prepares students for admission tests at FAST, UET, NUST, and GIKI. These Crash Programs concentrate on intensive test sessions for engineering test prep. 

Apart from these tests STEP also offers students with other entry test preparation programs such as: 

Ace Your Entry Test with STEP 

Admission to universities is based on clearance of entry tests. You cannot afford to lose a year just because your preparation had some fallout. So, don’t waste your precious time and ace your entry test examination with excellent preparation at STEP. 

With MDCAT happening in November 2022, you have the chance to pass your entry test with STEP. Enrol yourself in MDCAT crash program and get one step closer to living your dream.  


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